What to do if your home’s been burgled

An investigation will help your insurance company to verify your claim and identify any additional documentation that may be helpful (e.g. a copy of the police report).
An inspection is not always required. In an inspection, a field adjuster will come to your house to assess any physical damage.

The final step
When your claim is settled, you will be paid for your lost or damaged property covered by your policy, minus your deductible and any applicable depreciation. Your deductible is the amount you chose to pay out of pocket. Your insurance company will provide you documentation regarding all aspects of the outcome of your claim. Keep a copy of this documentation for your records.

if you are still in doubt, follow these steps

Follow this checklist if a thief has broken into your home

1. Call the police straight away and give them as much information as you can. Make a note of the crime reference number you’re given – you’ll need this later. Sometimes the police will only provide you with a crime reference number by post, once you’ve reported a loss.

2. Try not to disturb anything in your home, as this may destroy valuable evidence. The police will advise you about this when you call. When the police arrive, they will often dust around the point of entry or exit for fingerprints, so try not to touch these areas.

3. Write down a list of what has been stolen.

4. As soon as you can, give us a ring if you need to claim on your home insurance. We can give you useful information to help you deal with this unpleasant crime.
To make a claim
When you get in touch have your policy number and any documents to hand