What to do if your home’s been burgled

According to FBI statistics, theft or robbery occurs every 14.6 seconds. If that happens to you, know how to quickly file your insurance claim. This is what is expected:

Prepare unexpected ones
Save your receipt and document your purchase. This will make it easier for you if you have to file an insurance claim for stolen goods.

Take an inventory of your personal property.

To be organized, check your belongings and create inventory checklists grouped by categories, values, space in your home, etc. If possible, you must keep the original sales receipt for these important items (especially if the shipment is covered for the Replacement Cost Value). Your checklist must document all items under your C Coverage insurance such as:

  1. Jewelry, art, collectibles, and other high-priced valuables
  2. Tablets, laptops, computers, televisions, gaming systems, and other electronic devices
  3. Weapons, knives and other weapons
  4. Oven, range, gas log, and other main equipment
  5. Items that are rarely used are holiday decorations, seasonal sports equipment, and equipment

Take a photo of your things, make an inventory checklist, or make a video of your things; find a safe place like a safe online storage box, or a fire resistant box to keep your notes.

What must be done right after you have been broken into

  1. Inventory property damage or loss.
  2. Contact the police and report the police report.
  3. Immediately contact your insurance company and report the claim.
  4. Take photos of damage to structural or personal content.
  5. Work with your claim manager to review insurance policies and police reports.
  6. Cooperate with your insurance company during investigations and/or inspections.

Submit your claim
After you submit a police report, contact your insurance company immediately to report your claim:

Using your pre-made inventory sheet as a checklist will help quickly distinguish what is out of place or damaged.
Your claim report must include the following information about your damaged or stolen property:

  1. Where your goods are purchased
  2. When will your item be purchased
  3. How much does your item cost
  4. What is your brand name
  5. What model of your item

If you have damaged property in your home, do not throw it away. Your regulator may need to review it to resolve your claim.

Usually, your adjuster will contact you within 24 hours after you’ve filed your claim. To expedite the claims process, have a copy of your insurance policy on hand when you talk to your adjuster.

Investigation and Inspection
Your insurance company may conduct an investigation and inspection of your claim before making payment.