Learn how to Change Petrol and Diesel Engine Timing Belts or Chains Simply With out Particular Locking Kits

Changing timing belts or chains might be difficult to exchange. Many of those look difficult to exchange, particularly on 16 valve variants. Many manuals advocate the usage of timing lock kits. More often than not these aren’t wanted for timing belt substitute. However are required when the belt has snapped inflicting inside engine injury.

Earlier than you begin it’s paramount you identify if the engine has a floating crank pulley. Some ford petrol engines and Renault engines have these, so remember. And may if not addressed trigger catastrophic engine injury.

This can be a information and never car particular so some variations could also be discovered with completely different autos.

So to begin. Most often you’ll need to get to the timing belt or chain which implies you’ll have to take away the air field, coolant header tank, and engine mount. Adopted by the timing cowl or casing. Elimination of a street wheel, wheel arch liner and engine cowl might be vital.

That is now the place the fascinating half begins. You’ll need by my advice a brightly colored marker pen. Then full the next.

  1. Mark the cam shaft pulley on the high clearly on the entrance face of toothed recess then alongside timing belt to the again plate. Additionally mark high of belt Prime. This can be a reference for your self when changing the brand new belt.
  2. Mark all different toothed pulleys the identical together with the crank pulley, no matter it being floating or not.
  3. If the engine has a floating crank you have to mark the flywheel the identical. Some engines it’s possible you’ll have to take away a flywheel cowl. This provides you a reference mark when refitting new belt.
  4. Now merely take away belt and change all guides, adjustment pulley and water pump if leaking or has a worn bearing.
  5. Take the previous belt and place alongside the brand new belt, marking new belt precisely the identical because the eliminated belt. This ensures as soon as changed all markings might be in precisely the identical place from when it was eliminated. Extra importantly you’ll know it is fitted accurately and the timing might be good.
  6. Now refit timing belt and stress observing advisable stress procedures. Some autos like Volkswagen Diesel engines are very troublesome to suit the brand new belt. That is simply resolved. Previous to becoming belt depart backside information off till the brand new belt is fitted. Then merely match the substitute pulley and stress.
  7. Guarantee all timing marking are appropriate. Within the case of a floating crank pulley, refit pulley tightly. Then rotate engine two full crank shaft revolutions and test all timing marks match up. Solely the pulley markings will marry up exhibiting appropriate timing. All different markings should be ignored.
  8. Merely rebuild in reverse order and check drive.

This information can be utilized and or interpreted for many autos and engine sorts.

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