Tenant’s Insurance coverage Covers Your Loss of Possessions and Living Out Expenses

Early last month in Burnaby there was a blaze that destroyed 35 suites. The majority of residents without tenant’s insurance coverage had to face a loss of all their belongings, including their beloved pets. “Everybody lost everything. Many cats died, a couple snakes died and a rabbit and frogs, lots of pets,” one of the rescued residents said. The fire also revealed that the wood-frame building, which was about 50 years old, did not have a sprinkler system, and the majority of the tenants did not have insurance.

Those tenants who couldn’t find friends or family to stay with, about a dozen people, were being put up in nearby hotels for immediate accommodation. In fact, if you rent your apartment or house from a landlord, tenant’s insurance is available to help you replace your belongings after a loss due to fire, theft or water damage. You do not need to get coverage for the building because this is your landlord’s responsibility.