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The Legend of Tarnished begins with a great calamity where the world will enter a long night of gloom, and this occurs to the ill-fated kingdom of the Elden Ring Crack Mac. At this time, the will to live and the desire to leave behind memories and bad habits had faded. “Those who will not bow to the will of the world must bow to death.” These words are taken from the Ancient Elden, the guardian of the Ring. At the center of this world is the Tower of Eternity, which the last Elden and the first Herald of the Ring built. At the Tower’s altar, the World Tree and the weapon known as the Inevitable Scythe exist. At this time, a thirteen-year-old boy named Raimen appeared as a herald of the Ring. Driven by hope, Raimen was able to make friends, eliminate evil, and become a new leader.
RISE, Tarnished, an action RPG from Bluehole Studio!
※ The Legend of Tarnished game is an action RPG game using a third-person perspective. Battle in the beautiful world of the Elden Ring against various monsters, and become a powerful hero by utilizing a variety of skills and items.
※ The battles have been refined for PS4.
※ New character classes, weapons, and skills have been added as well.
※ By using the branching dialogue system, you can create your own story with one of the four characters in the game.
Bluehole Studio is a collaboration between the Bluehole Studio company of Korean origin and NA Inc. Their key strength lies in the development of massively multiplayer online games (MMOGs). In addition, Bluehole Studio has a rich gaming experience, having developed numerous cutting-edge games such as “PUBG,” “Lineage 2,” “Noctis,” “Vaingloria,” “Clash of Warriors,” and “Survival Saga.”
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Gameplay Trailer
English Gameplay Trailer
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User Interface Interface Trailer

The Legend of Tarnished v1.07 4K Screenshot
To the left is the Game, and to the right is the MiniMap
The enemy


Features Key:

  • The New Online Action RPG
    Enter a medieval fantasy world with an evil Empire behind you. Play an online quest-based action RPG in real time with your fellows.
  • 3D Graphics and 3D View
    Explore the game in 3D environments and 3D views. It’s the most advanced graphics in a fantasy action RPG created for the same day-one digital installment system.
  • Card Color Selection System
    Players can only choose from 7 different card colors in the initial version. However, you can easily change the color of the card in your deck to suit your tastes and style.

  • Long Single-Party Quests
    You can tackle your quests solo, but ultimately join other players to take on the grand quests.