Legion Of Nagash Pdf Download ((HOT)) 🔼

Legion Of Nagash Pdf Download ((HOT)) 🔼


Legion Of Nagash Pdf Download

the necromancer of nagash, his armour of a thousand skulls, was no more. as he went to join his fellow undead in the sky, nagashís face changed. the eyes of his skull helm grew bright, and the bone horns of the skull nose began to lengthen, until the cruel face of nagashs undead skull helmet was seen once again, shining with a terrible light. suddenly, it turned black and the skull face began to be filled with red runes. the necromancer of nagash, the eternal naggash, had been reborn. the council of thirteen, in particular the infamous haimar, his advisor, had no idea what he had just done. the plan of reikdorf was abandoned, and the armies of nagash continued their march to the city gates. haimar, realizing that something was very wrong, had his own undead warriors spread out and look for survivors. he found none, and there was no one to tell the full story of the battle. this left him with two choices. he could abandon his troops, or he could lead them and face nagash himself. haimar chose the latter. the head of the council of thirteen, in command of his forces, marched on the city gates, eager to avenge the defeat of their other generals.

nagash had lost his heart to the undead. he had turned them into his own personal necromancers. he had taken the vampiric element of life, its greed and hunger, and given them a will to never die, and a thirst for blood. for a while, he had the upper hand, for the two groups of undead shared the same will, and so it was they would conquer. but when the vampires came to nehekhara and walked into nagash’s fortress, he was utterly unprepared. the vampire immortals were a ruthlessly efficient killing machine. they were like a pack of mad wolves, and the necromancer found himself on the run. the battle that ensued was vicious and terrible, but in the end, the vampires walked away victorious. after the battle, the arch-necromancer confronted his captains. they had failed him, and he had lost. he raged and hurled his ancient magic against them, but to no avail. while he raged, the undead of the deadlands advanced upon the city. in the necromancer’s rage, he cast his magic into the deadlands itself, and a great wave of dead and rotting creatures surged from the land into the city. the undead were legion, the dead legions of nagash’s bitter enemy, the city that had defeated him. the necromancer became a child, a screaming, writhing child who was cast into the dark pits of the deadlands, where he became a prisoner to the undead. [3a]

the necromancer’s armies swept across the capital and the land was filled with nagash’s undead, spreading his power like a cancer across the land. to the north, the black raven fleet was readied. the ships were oar-driven, unlike the vessel that had been used to take the witch hunters from the black raven fleet. these were large, some with as many as a hundred oarsmen to each, perfect for the killing. these were to be the most powerful ships ever seen in the empire. the necromancer had ordered that the vessels be prepared with a particular method. following the design of the chaos-talon that had slain him, the ships were to be covered in black bands to ward off the chaos magic that had brought nagash to the brink of death. the ravens of the fleet were told to attack the ships from a distance, using the chaos magic to knock them down, while the necromancer’s undead would swoop into the cities and towns and feed on the living. the fleet sailed across the great sea, then turned north across the black sea to the mountains of mourkain. from there, they swept across the land of the vampires and into the heart of nehekharan. [2a]
in the war against khemri, the necromancer’s forces met strong resistance. these vampire warriors were men of honour, who had died in battle for their emperor. they fell upon the necromancer’s undead with their swords and axes, felling scores of them in the first few days of fighting. many more were slain in the rout that followed, but for every dead necromancer, there were many more revenants to take their place. more came from khemri, fleeing the destruction of the capital. the dead of the witch hunters followed after them and they swarmed over the border to the north. the necromancer, still alive, could not stand to see his soldiers fall. he had sent his own undead to engage the witches and his best warriors were needed to protect his people. he had to ensure their safe return to khemri. to do this, he sent a number of skeleton warriors on ahead of the main force, to make sure they were not opposed. he commanded them to draw the witches away from the main body of the army. the necromancer had kept his plans from the witch hunters. when they saw the skeletons they mistook them for their undead allies. the necromancer ordered them to turn and pursue the witch hunters. their thirst for blood was such that they ran after the witches, and the witch hunters, who thought they were following nagash’s undead, thought they were following the witch hunters. the result was a massacre on a scale never seen before in the nehekharan empire. the thousands of skeletons fought the hundreds of witch hunters in a bloody battle that lasted for hours, until the witch hunters had fallen to the dead. at that point, the witch hunters fell on the skulls of the skeletons and finally slew them. [2a]


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