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But I found this site while searching and this has solved my problem.


How can I improve my python code and make it work better in the future?

OK, I’ve been doing this python for a couple of weeks, I have already read many pages about different things (including some answers here on SO), and still, my “hello world” for the use of the mysql package for the connection didn’t work.
Here’s the code:
import MySQLdb

con = MySQLdb.connect(
passwd= ”,
cur = con.cursor()

(I connected to the MySQL database with HeidiSQL and it works perfectly fine. I also uploaded “helloworld” into the database with HeidiSQL as well)


try this:
import MySQLdb
con = MySQLdb.connect(
passwd= ”,
port= 3306

Template for a bundle with dependency.
– Each dependency must have a specific name, and
– each dependency should be a single simple instance, which is passed as an argument to this template.
– An example of bundling an application is in common/framework.yaml and common/applications/.yaml.
– If the application name is, it should be passed to this template as “application/”.
– If the name of a dependency is, it should be passed to this template as “dependency/”.
#} {{ }}

{% if!= “” %}
bundle.dependencies.{{ }}.name: “{{ }}”
{% endif %}

{% for dependency in bundle.dependencies %}


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