Penis Ache: Dealing with the Lumpy Penis

Guys prefer to take pleasure of their gear, and a lumpy penis can strike a blow to that pleasure. When that lumpiness additionally brings about penis ache, it is a double blow. Guys with frequent sense apply acceptable penis care, however typically a lumpy instrument requires slightly additional care.


Bumps and lumps can pop up on the penis for varied causes, together with genital warts, Fordyce spots, and so forth. Typically, a situation referred to as lymphangiosclerosis is in charge.

What’s it? Properly, it sounds lots scarier than it really is. Lymphangiosclerosis refers to a hardened lymph vessel, on this case occurring within the penis. It is usually an inch or two lengthy, and presents as a raised space of pores and skin, pretty skinny. At first look, a man may merely mistake this for one of many quite a few veins that run all through the manhood. Nevertheless, veins are blue and a lymphangiosclerosis lump shouldn’t be.

The lump has a particular hardness to it; medical doctors typically describe it as feeling calcified or fibrous. It may be discerned within the penis in each its flaccid and erect states. In some instances, the “bulge” is especially pronounced and noticeable. It’s this lumpiness that many males and their companions discover aesthetically off-putting. Appears to be like apart, many companions who encounter the lump whereas caressing or orally gratifying the rod assume that it’s some type of an infection or illness – leading to a cessation of the pleasurable actions that led to its discovery.


The precise reason for this penis lump is not actually identified; nevertheless, it seems to be the results of enthusiastic sexual exercise. When a man is participating in intercourse (with a associate or himself) with slightly an excessive amount of abandon or an excessive amount of roughness, one thing within the course of aggravates the lymph node and creates the swelling and hardening. Naturally, when having a lot enjoyable, a person does not discover something. It might be many days later earlier than he takes a glance and sees there was a brand new improvement.


Once more, it is necessary to emphasise that lymphangiosclerosis shouldn’t be the results of (or reason for) a social illness. It’s not contagious, and it is benign. However that does not imply it might’t trigger penis ache.

The ache is often not encountered whereas the member is in its flaccid state. And an erection all by itself doesn’t often deliver on ache.

Nevertheless, when that erect penis is being put to its supposed use – both by means of associate intercourse or masturbation – it may be a unique story. The affected space has a tenderness to it that may turn into aggravated by means of friction. As well as, in some instances the lump could also be massive sufficient to trigger some discomfort for the associate as nicely, though that is far much less frequent.

One other facet impact is that the calcified lump might trigger a level of curvature within the instrument. For some males, this may increasingly add barely to the discomfort they really feel throughout intercourse.


Lymphangiosclerosis is pretty frequent; many males will encounter it throughout their lives; some males will encounter it incessantly. The lump often goes away by itself, though this may increasingly take some weeks. If it doesn’t go away after a few weeks, it may very well be an indication of one other downside, similar to a blocked vein.

If doable, a person ought to assist keep away from penis ache by refraining from sexual use throughout this era, however that’s not completely important. Males can keep away from exacerbating ache from a dry or chafed instrument with the common utility of a first-rate penis health creme (well being professionals advocate Man1 Man Oil). For correct care, a crème that accommodates pure moisturizing components, similar to Shea butter and vitamin E, must be used. It is also useful if the chosen crème accommodates acetyl L-carnitine; the tough dealing with which created the situation may additionally have brought about a lack of sensitivity within the instrument, dampening the enjoyment a person receives from intercourse. Acetyl L-carnitine is neuroprotective and may also help restore diminished sensitivity.


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