Tips to take care of curly hair Naturally–curly hair Has sometimes difficult to care for and make him comfortable on. most women as well as Men in General looks a mess as it has curly hair that is difficult to set up and membuatnnya look attractive and feels good on. Do you include people who have curly hair and was confused how to take care of her?. don’t worry because this time I will share information about curly hair caring tips is good and no doubt you will feel comfortable with your curly hair after reading the article and follow his tips.The following explanations and tips to take care of curly hair naturally and well in order to keep your curly hair is healthy, beautiful and certainly more interesting.1.Use olive oil because it is one of the natural ingredients that can make the hair dry, damaged and unhealthy becomes smooth and shiny again. Hair care with natural ingredients that you can do in a week. The best part of olive oil is that natural ingredients are quite easy to be found anywhere and does not have chemicals that can cause hair to become damaged.2.Avoid combing your curly hair at the time of dry, quite by using fingers or use a fine-tooth comb is rare.3.Use shampoos, conditioners, treatments etc which are designed for dry hair so that it can help to moisturize the hair so as to prevent Frizz.4.Should be used at night and rinse with cool water in the morning for maximum results.5.You should not be too often tie your hair when were out of the House and we recommend that you use a conditioner that suits your hair.6.If you want to dry hair quickly, it’s okay to use a blow dryer and use in a no heat for maximum results.7.Avoid the following things for everyday use: flat iron, blow dryer, the chemical sodium laurel sulfate and sodium laureth sulfate.8.Eat fruits and vegetables. Also, drink 7 to 8 glasses of water per day.9.When trying products, start with a light first. Naturally curly hair is usually brittle, with strands of smooth, heavy and gels will weight down. Aveda, Suave, and Garnier you can use for a good choice on curly hair.10.Sulfate-free shampoo use because it can strip your hair of its natural oils more than shampoo.11.Don’t be too often exposed to ultra violet rays so that your hair is not too dry.12.You should consult more frequently with alhli hair so that you’re not incorrect in using hair products.


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