The best way to Make Lovely Handmade Greeting Playing cards

This straightforward card is nice to showcase your individual collages and artworks. Correct measuring and chopping is crucial since you need the cardboard to have the ability to rise up by itself. Use stiff paper, card inventory, in whites, beiges and vanilla tones. Relying on the time of 12 months you may make birthday playing cards, Christmas playing cards and every other vacation playing cards. Use colours and located objects accordingly. For instance use inexperienced, pink, and gold for Christmas playing cards.


Sheet of handmade paper, card inventory, or stiff paper

Scrap piece of card for window template

Bits and items of handmade papers, fibers, ribbons, materials, trims and attention-grabbing discovered objects

Matching paper for envelope

Craft knife



Self-healing mat

Bone folder

PVA adhesive and brush

Double-sided tape (optionally available)

Primary Strategies:

For those who really feel a bit uneasy you possibly can all the time observe these steps first on a cheap sheet of paper. Then hold your first card as a template.

1. You’ll need one sheet of eight 1/four x 11 ½ inch paper. On the again mark the paper into thirds throughout the width. Rating with a bone folder and fold each finish panels inwards.

2. Open the cardboard and lay it on a self-healing mat and lower a window within the middle panel utilizing your window template this fashion you will be extra sure of the place of your window, earlier than you begin chopping. Your window template ought to be roughly 2 x3 inches. You possibly can change the dimensions of the window for various playing cards should you choose. Rescore the fold strains.

three. Create a collage on the within of the primary flap. Have enjoyable and be inventive. Use your little scraps of paper, ribbon, and different gildings. Research the composition by closing the flap; examine how your collage seems to be by means of the window earlier than gluing the items in place.

four. Glue the 2 entrance panels along with watered down glue or double sided tape.

5. To make the envelope, use one other sheet of matching or contrasting paper. Lay the cardboard diagonally throughout it and fold up the perimeters. Glue down two sides and backside fold to create the envelope.

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