Male Chastity Life-style – 4 Levels of Chastity

Male chastity sometimes progresses by 4 distinct levels, with every stage having its personal upsides and drawbacks.

The last word aim for many – or at the very least, actually for the person on the outset – is to get to Stage four as rapidly as attainable.

However I can not warning you adequate to take your time with this. Should you attempt to rush, hurry or pressure issues by, you will solely finish making all of it go extra slowly in the long term.

So listed below are the…

4 Levels of Male Chastity

Stage 1 – Fantasy

This stage is the place one in every of you has the fantasy, however you have not but communicated this to your accomplice. It is normally, however not at all times the person who drives chastity, and males on this stage sometimes resort to dropping hints and leaving small clues within the hope your Beloved will get the message and reply appropriately.

I hate to be the one to let you know this however… that is not going to occur. Your Beloved has doubtless by no means even heard of male chastity not to mention harboured it as a secret fantasy for a number of years as you in all probability has.

The solely solution to get what you need is to have an grownup dialog about it and to ask for it. Simpler mentioned than performed, I do know, however life is like that, I am afraid.

Stage 2 – Discovery

On this stage you’ve got had The Dialog and your accomplice has agreed, at the very least in precept, to look deeper into male chastity and orgasm denial as one thing to incorporate in your relationship. It is typified by tons or analysis and studying across the topic – normally on-line.

Warning do NOT simply dump your accomplice onto the silly blogs and boards, since you’ll nearly actually ship them right into a panic.

It is typically at this level the place males push far too laborious, count on an excessive amount of and find yourself pushing their wives away from the concept; both that or they get the fallacious thought about what you need from studying these blogs and boards and so they’re scared off.

Be affected person, understanding and assist her or him perceive what it’s you need.

Stage three – Exploration

At this level you are fortunate – your accomplice has agreed to play and see the way it works out.

As earlier than, please ensure you take your time. Do not rush issues and do not be in a rush to imagine this implies all the pieces’s settled and you are going to be locked 24/7 simply as you’ve got at all times wished to be.

Agreeing to attempt one thing doesn’t imply accepting it as a everlasting a part of your way of life.

Stage four – Life-style

That is the final stage and the one so many males fantasise about. You are locked in male chastity, experiencing long-term and really strict orgasm denial… and your accomplice is loving it and displaying completely no inclination in the direction of mercy.

Many ladies on this stage even get to the purpose the place they see cuckolding as a viable addition to the life-style, though this is not at all times the case, neither is it essentially fascinating. However it will possibly occur… so watch out what you want for.


Getting by these 4 levels of male chastity is simpler than you suppose, offered you are taking your time, do your homework and stick to some easy guidelines.

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