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Irrespective of whether it is for a project, want to make price comparisons or you are interested in improving your website's rank in the SERP, there are numerous reasons why you should use a scraper.
As the name suggests, Google Maps Contact Extractor is a software solution that enables you to retrieve valuable information, such as business names, addresses, opening hours, emails and phone numbers for instance, from the popular domain
Structured and well-organized interface
The program comes with a relatively clean UI that is split into 3 main sections, namely one where you can insert the details for your query and 2 display panels where you can preview the results and the log report for the search.
It is necessary to mention that the search pane includes numerous options, so you can narrow down your query and retrieve information that is relevant for your project. More exactly, you can specify the web domain, language or the maximum number of contacts to extract on a certain radius. For the same purpose, you can also note down keywords or phrases and add multiple locations.
As a side note, while you can also retrieve email addresses along with the other details, you should keep in mind that activating this function can significantly slow down the speed of the data extraction.
Includes some basic database manipulation tools
Once you obtain the contact list based on your search criteria, you save it in various formats including but not limited to HTML, PDF, XML, CSV or XLS.
Then again, before you reach this stage, you should check out the various database management instruments available in the Tools menu. To be more precise, you can search for specific contacts and update the information, you can find and delete duplicates, add filters and select only the data that meets these prerequisites, so on and so forth.
A quick tool for company information retrieval
Apart from the situation when you need to extract a list of email addresses,  Google Maps Contact Extractor is a relatively fast and efficient utility that can help you retrieve valuable data you can use in your projects.







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Google Maps Extract All Companies in area

Google Maps Contact Extractor is a simple desktop software that helps you to extract the data for one or multiple locations from the Google Maps Contact API. You can take as input a list of locations and scrape all the businesses and details about each one.

The result that you will get is stored in CSV and CSV format.

In addition, Google Maps Extract All Companies in area software offers the following advanced features that can significantly improve your projects:

Supports multi-enterprise scraping (multiple Google Maps API keys are also supported)

Recursive process for scraping data (recursive scraping is also supported with Google Maps Contact Extractor)

Organized viewing of businesses

Import, export, update, delete or add CSV files to the list of locations

Easy data manipulation

Data filtering through various criteria

Built-in function for batch data retrieval

And much more!
Google Maps Contact Extractor main features:

Scraping 100K+ businesses and organizations on Google Maps

Up to 1000 locations

Google Maps Contact Extractor Free key features:

Scraping 100K+ businesses and organizations on Google Maps

Import, export, update, delete or add CSV files to the list of locations

Up to 1000 locations

Google Maps Contact Extractor evaluation:

Availability: free google maps data extractor software is available for downloading and using


Google Maps Contact Extractor Coupon:

Google Maps Contact Extractor Coupon:

No code required

You can download and use Google Maps Contact Extractor for free without registration or paying anything.

Google Maps Contact Extractor Download:

Finally, we have managed to provide you with the Google Maps Contact Extractor full version download link with crack. So, what is the procedure to get Google Maps Contact Extractor setup? We will discuss that with you step by step and walk you through this tutorial guide below.

You should know that this Google Maps Contact Extractor setup and free download link is for the lifetime version of Google Maps Contact Extractor. As such, when you have started using it for the very first time, you will be asked to buy the license key to get its updates and features. In case you have the license key, then do not worry as you can directly activate it with the help of this Google Maps Contact Extractor Google Maps Contact Extractor installation guide.

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Google Maps Contact Extractor will let you quickly locate addresses, phone numbers, names, and emails for addresses, business names and other business information stored in Google Maps.
The software is an add-on for Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox. Google Maps Contact Extractor additional controls for Internet Explorer and Mozilla FireFox.

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Google Maps Contact Extractor Crack+ Torrent For Windows

Main Features:

Extract contacts and emails from Google Maps with the help of advanced machine learning algorithms

Select desired contacts based on location, language, date of birth, email and phone number

Support for more than 700+ countries and more than 100+ languages

Saves the obtained results in a variety of formats

Impossibility to generate duplicate records

What users need to know about Google Maps Contact Extractor:

You can only obtain the names of businesses and their phone numbers, but you cannot obtain email addresses or any other information

The program is not a full-fledged database management tool, it is only designed for collecting the basic data

One of the major downsides is the lack of documentation for basic tasks


It only extracts the contacts who are registered at Google Maps, so the program won’t be efficient for those people who already registered their businesses online

The input data you provide to the program is crucial and should be provided in a clean format


A relatively fast utility that is designed for extracting information from Google Maps

Extracts contacts and emails based on your location, format, language and date of birth

Automatically selects the contacts based on the given date, place or name and phone number

Records can be saved in a variety of formats

The program supports more than 100+ languages

Decent database manipulation tools are available in the Tools section

The user interface is clean and organized

Option to search for contacts within a specific radius


The provided input data is essential to create clean results

No feature available to retrieve different information, such as opening hours or business logos

The program’s speed can be slowed down based on the size of the extracted data

Final thoughts:

Google Maps Contact Extractor is a useful tool that allows you to easily retrieve contacts and emails from Google Maps. It is a relatively fast and efficient utility that can be a solid resource for those who are searching for information about businesses that can be found online.

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What’s New In Google Maps Contact Extractor?

Google Contacts is the standard web-based way to store and retrieve contact details for your business.
As the name suggests, Google Contacts Extractor is a software that enables you to retrieve details, such as addresses, emails, phones or websites, from the popular domain
The developer also implemented numerous features to further enhance the utility. To mention a few, you can also find contact details using IP addresses, multiple contacts, individual or group names, and location proximity and radius.

However, once you start adding details, you can see that the application displays a rather a large amount of options, and it can be extremely tiring as a result.

Customer reviews
Overall, Google Contacts Extractor is a decent online tool that can retrieve various data and provides all the information you need to succeed in your projects.

What is expected in an application to perform an elementary job

Furthermore, one can also use various database management tools provided in Google Contacts Extractor, like a free account of contacts.

Open Source

The good news is that the majority of the applications that are included under this heading are completely free to use, though they are limited to the free trials and no paid support is offered.

Google Contacts Extractor Review

The utility is accessed from the main Google Contacts page, while you can select the extraction options and the required search parameters that are likely to meet your needs.

If you are a regular visitor to the page, you know that the contact search field has to be at the top so you can easily find the address you are after.

The first time you have a problem with this application, it will most likely be that the request fails. Since you cannot check whether the site works or not, you can only rely on the provided methods to solve this problem.

For example, if the results are not shown, you can choose the other option where you can enter a custom location.

It is also possible to add the name for finding what you are interested in using a Google search. It is highly recommended to include the official address of the company in your profile to increase the chance of extracting the correct data.

The tool has some further options, too, such as age filters and the possibility to select the contact type.

The best thing about the interface is that you get an output in as many as 11 different formats.

The PDF file includes links that you can send

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 10 64-bit
Processor: Intel i5-2500K @ 3.3GHz / AMD Phenom II X4 955 @ 3.2GHz
Memory: 6GB RAM
Video: Intel GMA HD 4000, AMD Radeon HD 5750, NVIDIA Geforce GT 650M
Hard Drive: 9GB available space
Sound Card: DirectX 9.0c Compatible, 24-bit/48kHz
Network: Broadband Internet connection,

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