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The May is gone, the Sims are out of their homes, their real-life professions are on hold, and the world is stuck inside. And you, the hair salon hero, are out of options.
The Smith family is ready to relax, but they’re having a little trouble connecting with their artificial lives. Pappa Smith needs a haircut, but his celebrity-obsessed children are struggling to come up with the names of any musicians and movie stars they might know. And Momma Smith doesn’t have the money to pay for a real haircut – plus there’s nobody left to look like other than each other.
That’s where you come in.
Unable to connect with real hair on their heads, your family’s supposed to settle for hairstyles plucked from celebrity magazines – but hair color, they don’t care about. If the Smith family is too stylized to navigate your own family’s reality, how on Earth do you expect to survive in the real world? The real world, that is, until the quarantine ends and your desperate family will finally get what they deserve.
The Smith family may have bitten off more than they can chew, but will you just sit back and let them go to waste?

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After a brisk morning walk, you head back to the house, just in time to see the Smith family drive away. A small box on the doorstep tells you the house is empty, and the quarantine is over. But what about your family? Have they returned to your front lawn? Is one or more of them going to hell?
During the quarantine, you were a famous stylist: taking people’s hair, and making it look its best. You can now use that skill to find out what’s happened to your family: will your kids have hair or are they cut? What about Pappa Smith? And do you really deserve that much credit for a haircut your wife and kids want anyway?
•Choose to play as either Pappa Smith or Momma


Fractured Core Features Key:

  • Explore a world of dungeons, lairs, and living landscapes
  • Brutal melee combat
  • Combat challenges and monsters of epic proportions
  • Randomise the world at every attempt
  • Awesome retro style graphics
  • Co-op and competitive
  • Multiplayer for up to four players
  • Achievements, challenging puzzles, and unlocks
  • Beautiful retro survival-like graphics reminiscent of Minecraft
  • Fast and fluid controls
  • Tap-based terrain manipulation
  • Share your games
  • Skills
  • Enemies have health
  • Belts
  • Death and respawn
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    Fractured Core Free

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