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Fixing Car Window Motor: The Problems and How to Solve Them

What are the steps in fixing car window motor? Before taking your car to the workshop when the window cannot work, you may want to try to fix it yourself. Well, fixing the car window, particularly the motor part, is actually not that difficult. It even needs a little experience to make it work normally like before.

But of course, in case there is no improvement even after some steps of fixing, it means you really need to bring it to the workshop. Below, there are some steps in fixing the motor of car windows before claiming car insurance quotes Colorado.

The Motor Has Worn Out

The most common issue when the car window motor cannot work is that it has worn out. Currently, most types of cars use electric power. The electric power uses a motor with a brush that is often damaged after the car is actively used for a certain period. The brush itself mainly functions to distribute the electric current from the source to the spinning rotor.

The rotor that spins continuously makes it always rub the brush. The friction thins the brush and this is how the motor wears out. Sure, this condition causes the electric distribution not to be conducted optimally. The motor may stop moving and the glass window doesn’t move.

If this is what happens to your window motor, it means that the brush or the motor entirely must be replaced. There is no way to fixing car window motor since the motor has been damaged.

Dirty Window Reel

Another reason why the car window cannot be moved is the dirty window reel. In the beginning, it is not related to the motor part at all. But if you keep it this way without an attempt to make it right, it influences motor performance. Sooner or later, the motor can also be damaged.

The solution is by cleaning the window reel, of course. Undeniably, the reel is prone to dirt because of the dust, rain, or snow from the outside. In severe conditions, the window glass doesn’t move even if you try to open or close it strongly.

Cleaning the reel should also be a part of when you wash your car. Removing the dirt regularly prevents the reel from being full of dirt which causes the problem of moving the window. To clean it is very easy. Use a brush to remove the dirt and dust and rinse it with water. If this part has been cleaned, fixing car window motor will not be needed.

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