ESET Internet Security 12 License Key !NEW!

ESET Internet Security 12 License Key !NEW!


ESET Internet Security 12 License Key

i have installed and updated eset 12 (so far version 11.0.1809) on win7-64. after a restart, i get an error message that says: eset program terminated unexpectedly. please check the log file for more details.

ok, i am not going to change my eset smart security key until i see if eset releases a fix for this problem. however, i do have a new eset smart security key that i received for the problem. if i can get a fix for this, i would really like to keep my new eset key.

just like eset smart security, eset internet security also has problems with the license. and while they say they have fixed it, they have not. the problem with the license is not with the updating but that they can not remove the old license and only add the new.

it is true, eset claims that it has fixed the problem, but it did not. i have used eset smart security for years and now decided to try eset internet security as a replacement. however, i have been having major problems with eset smart security as well as eset internet security.

i’ve uninstalled and re-installed eset 12 several times. the version i have is 11.0.1809. i’ve run the product update and it took about an hour and it crashed! it took me about 2 hours to finally get the program to run again. i had to reboot the pc a couple of times. it is running fine now, but i have to use the product for only about 15 minutes before it has to be rebooted again.

i do not understand the context of the ‘a’ or ‘b’. if a is the os and b is the program, i am guessing that the “program” is referring to the update. if that is the case, you could try the “eset update” in control panel (or here). if that does not work, try a windows reboot. there are many articles on the internet about the windows 7 error (a) or (b) and how to solve it.

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Point of sale payment processing – does it exist?

I read the following:

Points of Sale Solutions provide centralised payments processing and
provision of sophisticated transaction templates to the point of
sale channel

I have no idea what it is but would like to give it a try if it really exists. Has anyone here heard anything about a site which lets a person buy something and then get that payment processed centrally?


If you’re talking about the concept of online shopping and payment processing then here are a few examples of services you might be interested in:

Shopping Cart Online Payment Processing:

…there are
four payment gateways available for online shopping, cash on delivery (COD), credit card,
prepaid and postal payment (postal). All these gateways use
secure encryption to protect sensitive information.

Online Payment Service:

The Online Payment service helps merchants accept
online payments quickly and easily, without the
need to create, maintain, or communicate with a
remote payment gateway.
Merchants can install

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