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The DGSplit application was designed to be a simple, small and easy to use GUI binary file splitter that works on arbitrarily large files.







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DGSplit Crack Mac is a universal file splitter that can work with any file, regardless of the
used operating system (DOS, Windows, Linux, MacOS, Unix…) and with any file extension.
The program features following capabilities:
* Cutting a file on specified section and in a specified size.
* Cutting a file to any size (including zero).
* Cutting a specified size of file to any number of specified size.
* Cutting a file to any number of selected sections.
* Cutting all sections of file to any number of specified size.
* Cutting any number of selected sections of file to any number of specified size.
* Auto splitting.
* Manual splitting.
* Auto saving.
* Encrypted files.
* 64-bit support (Windows 10).
* 64-bit compatible Windows versions: 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016, 2016 R2.
* 64-bit compatible Windows Linux Ubuntu versions.
* 64-bit compatible Linux Ubuntu versions: 16.04, 18.04.
* The program works with high quality and saves files as original, not compressed, in the same folder (i.e. no files are lost).
* The program works with any file with any size, even with files with a size exceeding the memory size.
* The program does not require any additional system or file modules, and runs even in the system.exe (DOS based) or
wine (Windows), and in processes folder (Windows).
* Compatible with Windows 10 and higher versions (including Windows 10 RS3).
* No more errors with large files.
* The program can be used to split files compressed in zip, rar, 7z, tgz, etc.
* The program can work with multi-byte encodings (i.e. UTF-8, UTF-16, UTF-32).
* The program can work with files of different formats, including e-mail attachments.
* The program supports cutting a file to any size.
* The program supports cutting all the sections of files.
* The program supports encryption, password protection and stream protection.
* The program can save all the files to any path including the drives.
* The program can work with archives and works with archives of files of any format.
* The program works with streams and can read and write streams (from

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License: GPL. See licenses.txt for more information
Project Homepage:

Michael Vasel




0.1.11 (2010-09-09)
-Added incorrect support for binary data.
-Added support for the GNU-style line start delimiters.
-Added an ‘Attempt error recovery’ message.
-Added a better handling of errors when loading EXE or DLL files.

0.1.10 (2009-09-25)
-Added an option for the number of threads.

0.1.9 (2009-09-25)
-Added message box for possible errors.
-Enabled the progress dialog by default.
-Fixed a bug on the loading of EXE or DLL files.

0.1.8 (2008-10-30)
-Some features are now available for experimental use.

0.1.7 (2008-10-12)
-Added a setting to control the verboseness of the output.
-Added a setting to control the time for each instance.

0.1.6 (2008-09-19)
-Made it possible to change the maximum file size to be a decimal number.
-Added a setting to show the last directory when a file is edited.
-Fixed a bug in the EXE or DLL loading.

0.1.5 (2008-09-16)
-Fixed a bug in the EXE or DLL loading.
-Added a feature to save settings.

0.1.4 (2008-09-11)
-Added a setting to change the number of bytes to be skipped for binary files.
-Added a setting to control the size of the resulting files.
-Added a


DGSplit is an application that takes any number of raw binary files and splits them up into multiple files of any size.
DGSplit Features:
* Splits all the files in the given folder/directory into multiple files of any size
* Splits data files into their separate data-fork and metadata-fork
* Supports multiple inputs
* Splits the files in the given directory into subdirectories of any size
* Supports multiple outputs
* Allows fine grained file size configuration for the splits
* Advanced configuration settings
* Fewer system resources required
* No dangerous system calls
* No use of heap memory
* Support metadata fork splitting
* No need of root permissions
* Easy to use
* Support for 24-bit, 32-bit and 64-bit file systems
* Supports splitting custom file extensions
* Supports splitting multiple files at once
* Supports splitting multiple files with a common directory or file mask
* Supports splitting multiple files of a particular format in one shot
* Supports splitting multiple files with identical suffix
* Supports header splitting
* Supports you to specify the location of the splits in the given directory
* Supports adding a new header section if there is none
* Supports safe file removal after splitting
* Supports multi-threaded splitting
* Supports image-decompression splitting
* Allows use of alternative compression methods when reading files
* Supports both copying and creating intermediate directories
* Supports creation of directory shortcuts
* User and group configuration
* Supports directory expansion for additional file creation
* Supports creating self-extracting archive (SFX) files
* Supports multiple icons for each split
* Supports multi-output splits
* Supports re-opening a split on a different location
* Supports redirection of the split on the fly
* Supports any number of different sizes
* Supports image compression
* Supports splitting a file from any location
* Supports changing the input folder at will
* Supports specifying the destination file name
* Supports specifying the output folder name
* Supports specifying the number of splits per output
* Supports splitting a file of any size
* Supports specified file modifications and file creation
* Supports overwriting existing files
* Supports specifying the new file name
* Supports all the above and the following additional features:
* Allows specifying more than one input folder
* Supports splitting over multiple drives
* Supports splitting over a network
* Supports viewing a file as byte-by-byte
* Supports viewing

What’s New in the?

It can split files into small pieces (or chunks) with arbitrary length(even into parts) and it even can merge into a single file after the split, this way it can be used to build a parent file from various child files.
With this application, DGSplit’s users can split large files into small pieces automatically, which can be used to storage these small files in the compressed form, saving disk space and bandwidth.
1.Split files into small pieces automatically with large length,even into parts.
2.Option to split or merge the same files with DGSplit, and even merge them into a parent file.
3.There is an option to save compressed files.
4.Support on all platforms:Linux,Windows,Mac OSX.
1.DGSplit.exe [options] input.dgsplit [-o output.dgsplit]
-o is the output file name.
“Output dgsplit file will appear in the same directory or create a new one if it does not exist. If not specified, the dgsplit.exe will create a blank file with the extension dgsplit.
There is no need to extract the zip file when you use the -o option.
Add the following option for more than 32kbytes large files,because the cmd will be busy after processing a lot of large files.
The selected file to store chunks of input files.
The selected file will merge to output.dgsplit.
The selected file will merge to output.dgsplit.
The selected file will merge to output.dgsplit.
The selected file will merge to output.dgsplit.
The selected file will merge to output.dgsplit.
The selected file will merge to output.dgsplit.
The selected file will merge to output.dgsplit.
The selected file will merge to output.dgsplit.
The selected file will merge to output.dgsplit.
The selected file will merge to output.dgsplit.
Print the help


System Requirements:

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Every part of the map (Outer, Center and Inner) is used in the main game, but not all of them are visible in the first instance. More parts are shown in the skirmish mode.
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