Basics of Insurance Claims and Surroundings for Car Fires

Once you realize that your car is missing, it is wise to reconsider all possibilities before making insurance claims and police reports. You can check the parking sign to see if it has been coupled, ask friends and family whether they borrowed your vehicle, or contact your car loan company to see if it was taken over. When there is no other reason possible for your car to disappear, it is safe to move forward by submitting insurance claims and police reports.

Coverage of Insurance for Stolen Cars

To have insurance protection in case your car is stolen, you must have comprehensive coverage of your insurance policy. This is something that is needed in all states. If your vehicle is stolen from your personal property, you cannot file it under your homeowner’s insurance policy; You must have an automatic policy with comprehensive coverage to cover losses.

Car theft claim process

When you believe your car has been stolen, you must immediately report it to the police to be documented. At the same time, you must inform your car insurance operator. Most operators operate using a 30-day waiting period to see if the car has ever been found, which generally starts on the date of theft. Furthermore, comprehensive coverage does not include personal items stolen from vehicles. Items such as cell phones, computers, clothing, jewelry, equipment, etc., can be covered by the tenant or home insurance policies, but not in automatic policies.

Car theft investigation

Car theft claims are considered very serious in insurance companies. They are closely investigated by adjusters to ensure that fraud does not occur. Claiming a fake car theft insurance is a crime that can be punished by prison time, fines, and others. They will record all conversations with clients, and ask very detailed and disturbing questions. As long as you do not commit a crime, you should not take the investigation process personally. Insurance adapters only do their jobs.

Hire a Criminal Defense Lawyer for Fraud Charges

Fraud crimes are charged as misdemeanor or crime, depending on certain matters of the person’s case. If you have recently been arrested for facing fraud charges in Indiana, you face large fines, imprisonment, and other severe penalties. The best step you can take to secure your rights and protect your freedom is to call a licensed fraud lawyer for a hard and aggressive criminal defense; if not, you risk being sentenced to the maximum in Indiana.