Basics of Insurance Claims and Surroundings for Car Fires

Basics of Insurance Claims and Surroundings for Car Fires. If your car is on fire, there are a number of things you need to know about insurance coverage and the claim process. Because there are different scenarios that can cause a car to burn, you can expect to find different coverage and procedure limits for each. Continue reading to learn some basic information about claims and car insurance coverage if the vehicle catches fire.

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Car fires will obviously damage a lot of vehicles. In many cases, the car is totally destroyed after an engine or chassis fire. Fortunately, most insurance policies offer additional coverage for fires. This is called “comprehensive coverage”, and it will cover damage caused by fire regardless of how flames occur. However, this type of insurance must be purchased before a fire occurs. Some of the most common causes for automotive fires include car accidents, engine fires, garage fires, and arson.

Motor Vehicle Accident

Motor vehicle accidents are one of the most common causes of car fires. Collisions and serious vehicle accidents can damage the fuel line and fuel tank, which causes a gasoline leak. A small spark of colliding metal is all that is needed for combustion to occur. This is often the reason why fires occur after a car accident.

In the case of insurance guarantees, the answer can be complicated. Depending on how the flames occur and the parameters of your coverage, damage can fall due to compromise or collision. You need to discuss this with your insurance adjuster to learn details related to your specific policy. If you do not have insurance coverage, there is still a possibility that the insurance can be covered comprehensively.

Fire Garage

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In the case of a garage fire, which is more common than you think, the vehicle can be severely damaged. Most of the time, they are given a total. Because garage fires are generally caused by household hazards or damage, people tend to assume that homeowner insurance will cover damage to their vehicles; but the reality is that homeowner insurance never covers vehicles. Conversely, a car that is damaged in a garage fire is only covered in a comprehensive coverage.

Engine fire