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Photoshop can be too complicated for many users. You may even consider learning the basics of Flash (see Chapter 17) to help with much of what Photoshop does, so that you can work in a hybrid image-editing environment. Getting Familiar with Photoshop’s Basic Features The Table of Contents explains the major features of Photoshop, but don’t worry if you find it overwhelming. You can get a feel for Photoshop’s basics without delving into all the bells and whistles. Most people stick with the basics, but some users do a lot of photo editing. Knowing the major features of Photoshop is helpful when you get into a tough spot. If you’re working on an image, you may find you want to delete a specific object or fix a bad exposure, or perform other basic tasks. You can skip straight to the feature you need and dig in. If you become frustrated by all the options and features you see, you can create a working document (a blank sheet in Photoshop) for a particular editing task and use the tools for the feature, rather than waste time on extraneous tools. You can import a photo as a background layer — that is, it exists on top of everything else on the image. A background layer doesn’t appear when you print a photo; it remains in Photoshop but doesn’t show up when the photo is printed. The following sections introduce some of Photoshop’s major features in a bit of depth. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, check out Chapter 8 (or see the Table of Contents) to find out about the basic tools and features of a photograph. Basic editing with layers Layers are a major feature of Photoshop. Layers help you keep track of the elements you edit in an image. You may have an image with multiple layers of people on it, for example, with a background on which the people are on, and then a layer with the people. Each layer is like a transparent sheet of paper on top of the other — you can go underneath the top layer and see the layer underneath, and so on. You can print a layer just like any other Photoshop object, which means that you can print a layer in reverse to view it from behind the image. Buttons control the visibility of layers. If you place an image on a layer and make that layer visible, then you can see the image that is under that layer. You can hide individual layers, just as you can with image objects, to get a view

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With Elements and Photoshop you can edit and combine multiple images. Change the color, fix a blur, add artistic effects, change the format and add more. You can crop, resize, flip and rotate the image and create new images. Sometimes you will want to automatically create the image. In this case you can use the templates. With templates you can quickly make a new image. All the necessary tools are included in Photoshop, but it is more complicated to use and Photoshop Elements is often easier. The following collection of Photoshop Elements tutorials shows you what you can do with Elements to edit, combine and format images. How to Edit an Image in Photoshop Elements Our guide will teach you how to use all the tools in Photoshop Elements to edit your image. We will cover the following topics: Selecting parts of the image Adjusting the brightness and colors Adding and deleting images Crop Crop – Crop – Crop – Crop – Crop – Crop – Crop How to Use the Type Tool Type Tool – Type Tool – Type Tool – Type Tool – Type Tool – Type Tool How to Adjust the Color of the Image Image Color – Adjust Color – Adjust Color – Adjust Color – Adjust Color How to Correct Image Blur Image Blur – Adjust – Image Blur – Adjust – Adjust – Adjust How to Change the Background Color Image – Adjust – Image – Adjust – Image – Adjust – Image How to Create a New Image Image – Adjust – Image – Image – Image – Image – Image Creating a New Image with a Template Image – Adjust – Image – Image – Image – Image – Image How to Add Effects Image – Adjust – Image – Image – Image – Image – Image How to Cut and Copy an Image Image – Adjust – Image – Image – Image – Image – Image How to Add Text Text – Text – Text – Text – Text – Text How to Use the Crop Tool Crop – Crop – Crop – Crop – Crop – Crop – Crop How to Rotate and Flip an Image Image – Rotate – Image – Rotate – Image – Rotate – Image – Rotate How to Play with the Brush Tool Brush – Brush – Brush – Brush a681f4349e

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Minimum: OS: Windows XP SP3 (32 bit) Processor: Intel Core2 CPU Memory: 2 GB RAM Graphics: DirectX9 compatible DirectX: Version 9.0c (also compatible with D3D9) Hard Drive: 1 GB available space Additional Notes: Installation: 1) Extract the contents of the archive to your hard drive. 2) Run the game through the main menu, and click “Play” 3) When the game begins, select “Play

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