What to Do When You Have Been Denied For Auto Insurance Coverage


Have you been denied for  auto   insurance  coverage? If you have been denied car insurance coverage then don’t worry, it happens. Doesn’t it seem like bad luck comes in threes! Or in the same week – try two tickets for two different traffic violations in the same week – my personal worst. But no matter what, you need insurance, for your work, to secure your car loan, for your piece of mind and to protect yourself and others. If you need to find car insurance and everyone else is turning you away, then read on.

Bad Record? Good News

Did you know that even if you tend to be unlucky with your driving record, there are other things you can control when it comes time to find new  auto   insurance ? Buying a vehicle that is not considered a sports car can help you tremendously. Also ensure that your new vehicle has plenty of safety features, like anti-lock braking systems, anti-theft devices and air bags. Driving an older car without these features just adds to your “risk level”. Driving fewer miles per year will also help you to obtain better rates on your  auto   insurance , so whenever possible carpool or even use public transit.

Age, marital status, where you live, gender and your driving record are just a few of the components that can make it easier or harder to find affordable insurance. Some are impossible to change, others take time; but the ones you can control may make your insurance rates more reasonable in the short term. However, while you are waiting and working on those things, make sure you think long-term. Make some good changes in your driving patterns now, to help avoid the “oh nos”.

Factors You Can Control That Impact Your  Auto   Insurance  Rates

Choose a radio station before you start to drive and stick with it. Fiddling with the radio takes your attention away from where it needs to be. Get a cordless headset for your cell phone, or just don’t answer it while you are driving. Trying to balance a phone in one hand while driving with the other is an accident waiting to happen. Even worse is trying to dial or text message while driving. In order to do either of those things, you need to take your eyes off the road for much too long. Every fraction of a second you don’t pay attention, there are so many things that can happen.

How Slowing Down Can Improve Your Odds

In the rush of today’s society, there is a temptation to multi-task to make sure everything gets done. However, time spent driving is never optimal time for multi-tasking. Don’t put on make-up or check the mirror while you are driving. If your kids are making you crazy, pull over to deal with them. An upset driver is never a good thing. If you are having a heated discussion with a spouse or friend, put the discussion on hold till later.

Don’t eat while you are driving. Even smoking should be avoided when you are behind the wheel. Distracted drivers and one-handed drivers cause more accidents than we can ever know. Keeping your hands on the wheel and your mind on the task at hand will help those premiums in the long run.

Be careful out there. You don’t want to have anymore “oops” moments. And even when you get back into the better risk categories then you can save even more money.

Source by Robert McKnight

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