Stop malware & spyware hijack in browser chrome firefox


Stop malware and spyware hijack in browser chrome or firefox

Cause internet browser to get browser hijacker?
The most common cause is mislanya ebook download files, movies, tutorials, etc., by downloading the .exe file first. And when the .exe file already downloaded it when installing our own programs at the same time also install spyware hijackers. This tool is very smart way to control and clean internet browser. Does what it says it does. I love it!


1. Get web store chrome – Adblock then install

2. Get web store –¬†Click&Clean then install

remove malware and spyware smart

For benefit

Private Data Cleaner Features. Click&Clean extension for Chrome has a very powerful set of features and yet easy-to-use! It’s designed for everyone, with all levels of users in mind, from housewives to experienced professionals. The following are the main features of Click&Clean in a nutshell:

You can choose one of the predefined cleaning modes: Low – Medium – High and Dev mode – an advanced mode for experienced users and developers.

You can remove your browsing data from the beginning of time or from a certain period of time: from the past 1-24 hours, from the past week or choose any date and time you wish.

You can delete all your private data at once or just a specific items: Delete Browsing History – Delete Download History – Empty the Cache – Delete Cookies – Clear Saved Passwords – Clear Saved Form Data – Delete Local Storage – Delete WebSQL Databases – Delete Indexed Databases – Delete File Systems – Empty Application Cache; Delete Plug-in Data; etc.



Tool – add on – Click&Clean then install

stop malware very smart

For benefit

Click&Clean is an innovative Solution / Add-On / Extension for Firefox that will help you to:

– Delete your browsing history
– Clear records from your download history
– Remove cookies and Empty cache
– Delete temporary files
– Remove Flash Local Shared Objects (LSO)
– Delete private data when Firefox closes
– Automatically close all windows/tabs
– Clean up your hard drives and Free up more disk space
– Including secure file deletion
– Using external applications, like CCleaner, Wise Disk Cleaner etc. on Windows
or Janitor, BleachBit etc. on Linux

This powerful add-on enables you to do all that mentioned above instantly,
with 1-click on the TP Roll icon in the Firefox toolbar.

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