How To Choose A Non Owner Auto Insurance Policy?


You may already be aware that you need to get a non owner auto insurance if you are renting cars on a regular basis but do you know how to choose the best policy to protect yourself? There are many scammers out there so you definitely do not want to be a victim. You will find some useful tips to help you get the best deal in this article.


Insurance coverage is important because it can protect you against unforeseen circumstances because anything can happen when you are driving. If there is an accident, you may be sued so you have to be insured so as not to be financially burdened. In addition, in case of vandalism or theft, you will also be responsible since the car was in you possession when it happened and you want to be covered by the insurance company.

Of course, the vehicles rental company will also have other policies for you when you rent the car but usually that is only for liability coverage. Besides, the insurance offered by the rental company will also tend to be more expensive. Unless you are only renting the vehicle on very rare occasions so you do not want to pay the premium on a regular basis, otherwise the non owner auto insurance will benefit regular car rental costumers like you.

Before you take up the insurance policy, it is vital to first find out what does the policy cover you. A typical non owner auto insurance will include coverage for accidents. If there happen to damages done to the other party’s car, passengers or passers-by being injured as a result of the accident, you will be sued for it. Thus, with this policy, the company will settle the claims against you instead and protects you from being financially burdened.

In addition, there are also other coverage such as payments for the medical expenses incurred by either you or the other passengers in the car during the accident. However, in order to be sure that you are indeed well protected by insurance company, you have to check the details and coverage carefully before you take up the non owner auto insurance.

Despite the numerous advantages to getting a non owner auto insurance for your rented car, there is one issue that you will still need to resolve and that is the problem of coverage for collision. By this, it means that the policy will not cover damages incurred by your car during the accident. There isn’t any company that will cover that, so you will have to an insurance coverage just for that and this policy is usually not expensive but it definitely beat having to resolve that issue on your own.

Alternatively, you may want to check if your credit card company has collision coverage for members who pay for the rental using their credit card. Such coverage is vital because otherwise you will have to pay for the damages done to your rented car.

Finally, a word of advice is that you have to be very cautious when you are renting a vehicle. In order to protect yourself, you should get non owner auto insurance so that you will not find yourself to be financially burdened suddenly, due to some accidents.

Source by Jill S Cobert

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