2015 NFL Draft: Picks 1-10


Check out the top 10 players selected in the first round of the 2015 NFL Draft.


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29 Responses

  1. Oisin O'Regan at 7:29 pmReply

    Winston and Mariota are awesome Qbs….Bucs and Titans were 2-14 before they drafted…now they're in their second year and around .500 with an outside shot at making the playoffs

  2. Nicholas Pilot at 7:29 pmReply

    my bears no one even cheered for Floyd when his name was called you pass on beastly last year for a guy YOU knew wasn't going to play in white passed on a safe pick like offensive line man named Eric flowers ryan pace must go

  3. Abeuanaoi azz at 7:29 pmReply

    kevin white is a bust so far

  4. HeavyIzThaCrown at 7:29 pmReply

    Any college player that wasn't drafted probably feels the same way I do watching this.

  5. Nick Gaschler at 7:29 pmReply

    Marioto damn he was close

  6. Dokkan Killer at 7:29 pmReply

    oh man they are all black 😀 best Player of all

  7. Henry Frederick at 7:29 pmReply

    Music sucks!

  8. Official King at 7:29 pmReply

    whats the song called or music

  9. George Tomas-UF at 7:29 pmReply

    one of the biggest jokes in this planet…The nfl draft.
    next to the super bowl ,pro bowl and combine.

  10. Radom stuff Yolo swag Mason at 7:29 pmReply

    Todd is old wait 2015 I thought he was already in the nfl

  11. Marco Milani at 7:29 pmReply

    marioto? WTF?

  12. joshtray132 at 7:29 pmReply

    Fire Godell

  13. Kyle Adrien at 7:29 pmReply

    We were pretty upset we didn't get Marcus

  14. Joe Marquette at 7:29 pmReply

    Quick Poll: was todd gurley a good draft pick?

  15. Jaqueline Touzan at 7:29 pmReply

    Only 1 White person :S… We need to train more i think

  16. P Bortoli at 7:29 pmReply

    Do the first picks in the draft not get annoyed that they're getting picked first and therefore going to the poorest performing teams in the NFL? Like surely they'd rather go to the better teams

  17. Daryl Dancy Jr at 7:29 pmReply

    I'm not a Giants fan but damn, coulda had Gurley AND Odell, how do you pass that up?

  18. Peter Meter at 7:29 pmReply

    Im new to nfl and I wonder if the drafted player even want to go to the teams which chose them. Cause that means the best player goes to the worst team. That cannot be their intention ,right?

  19. L1am at 7:29 pmReply


  20. L1am at 7:29 pmReply


  21. Walinator at 7:29 pmReply

    "Marcus Marioto"

  22. Dada13409 at 7:29 pmReply

    they are all black…crazy genetics lol

  23. Soopersil3ntassasin at 7:29 pmReply

    Where are the cowboys? Oh wait.

  24. Tud Grubb at 7:29 pmReply

    How do they have those jerseys ready?

  25. Dustin Turner at 7:29 pmReply

    how do you pronounce the 2nd pick wrong jesus christ does he even watch football

  26. Ynot Tony at 7:29 pmReply

    anthony Davis ? NBA

  27. Dwayne James at 7:29 pmReply

    the beautiful part about this pick (jets) was that williams said himself he was mad at first when the jets drafted him because he felt we didnt need him with our beefed up line, but we actually needed him more than ever and he's actually found a home in this organization.

  28. Mike Amara at 7:29 pmReply

    looking at the comments from 8 months ago and seeing how many people were so wrong about their predictions about who's going to be a bust makes me laugh man

  29. PouBeer at 7:29 pmReply

    If they are not getting paid in college and are not allowed to have a job, how are they paying these expensive ass watches?

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